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July 27, 2022

Greenways: Fashionistas


The Cabella Mia team presented the latest fashion and winter essentials at the Cabella Mia Winter Fashion Show

If it’s activities, events, fashion, fun and laughter your after, you can’t look past Greenways.

On Wednesday, the village hosted the Cabella Mia Winter Fashion Show. And what a great event! The community centre was jam packed with more than 50 residents as the Cabella Mia team presented the latest fashion and winter essentials. It is the second time they’ve put on a show at Greenways, thanks to our resident fashion-events organiser, Sandy Travers (Unit 45)!

The atmosphere on the day was lively and interactive. As models showed their wares, and each item was explained, residents asked questions, got involved and — more often than not — it ended in laughter, chatter and, at times, cheering.

After the presentation, residents enjoyed perusing the Cabella Mia “pop-up store” set up conveniently in the warmth of our community centre. The room was abuzz as residents browsed the latest cardigans, knits, jumpers, pants and winter accessories.

No event at Greenways is complete without an afternoon tea. Residents enjoyed a beautiful range of pastries, pies, scones and tea/coffee, with many staying long into the afternoon.

Cabella Mia, we will see ya (again)!

Greenways offers a huge range of events, activities, excursions, functions and recreation for residents. Why not ask for a copy of our Monthly Gazette to check out what’s on? Or see our latest edition of “Village Talk”. Come and join the fun!

Greenways: Fashionistas

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