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July 15, 2020

Going “Green” at Greenways

Going “Green” at Greenways

As one of the longest-standing villages in Victoria, you might expect Greenways to be set in its ways. It’s quite the contrary — at Greenways, we’re continually looking to improve our village offering for residents. Since first opening stage one in 1976, we have prided ourselves on developing our first-class facilities and enhancing the fantastic (and affordable) lifestyle offered to residents.

In July this year, we were delighted to unveil Greenways solar program.

Greenways installed two 32 kWp LG NeON solar systems on the Greenways Club in partnership with Lumenaus, to service the community, administrative and apartment areas. This means significant savings for every resident at Greenways. Not only do residents benefit, but the village reduces its carbon footprint and moves towards a more sustainable future for our community.

Residents are thrilled with new addition. Many have downloaded the SolarEdge app and watch (in real time) its performance, savings and great results. With 26,782kg of CO2 emissions saved and the equivalent of 799 trees planted already, Balmoral’s doing its part for a bright future!

Going “Green” at Greenways

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