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September 2, 2022

Greenways: A Probus Connection

A Probus Connection

Greenways has taken pride of place in the heart of Seaford since its humble beginnings in 1976. As a pioneer of the industry, close to 500 happy residents have called Greenways ‘home’ over the years. And with such a rich history, it’s not surprising that the Probus connections run deep here. Both past and present.

“Five of our last seven new residents at the village belong to Probus. They now have the best of both worlds!” (Lesley Hemingway, Assistant Manager)

It’s hard to know whether it’s the welcoming community, vibrant environment, great friendships, many activities on offer or the caring and supportive reputation of Greenways that attracts these new residents.

For many, they’ve had the chance to experience village life before making the big decision. This is so important. “We’ve hosted joint functions with Probus at the village. I remember a fantastic Melbourne Cup Day event. Residents and guests dressed for the occasion, met new friends, and shared a champagne (or three!).”  John Carlo Bellotti, opera singer extraordinaire, performing in the community centre was another example.

And the connection works both ways. It is common to see Probus excursions and events advertised on the Greenways notice board for residents. Whether it be a trip to Lakes Entrance or a Mystery Tour (to Mount Macedon) residents are encouraged to participate.

But it’s not only the active lifestyle that is a draw card of Greenways. Marilyn (Carrum Downs Probus and member of the Greenways Residents Committee) recalls what influenced her decision to move to the village. “I was dropping a Probus newsletter to the villa of a friend at the village. As soon as I walked into her home, I just thought ‘this is perfect’ and I knew Greenways was for me.”

Audrey (Seaford Combined Probus and Greenways resident since March 2017) sees the personal touch and care of the Greenways staff team as something that sets the village apart.

“I’m in the unique position of having lived in another village. Although I knew a lot of people at Greenways, I was a bit hesitant before the move. But Lesley and the girls made things so easy. I instantly felt at home and could see that the village was in good hands, with residents best interests at heart.”

So, as Greenways celebrates the many connections with Probus past and present, it hopes that those connections continue and thrive into the future!

Greenways features proudly on the cover of The Victorian Probian Magazine this month. And, inside (p.33), why not read the inspiring story from our sister village, Balmoral Over 55s Lifestyle Village in Wantirna South, about resident Margaret Addicoat and the Balmoral Knitting Group’s charitable work.

Greenways: A Probus Connection

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