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April 7, 2022

Greenways: A Heart of Gold

Greenways: A Heart of Gold

Community spirit is so important for any retirement village. And, at Greenways, that generosity of spirit — thanks to the thriving, inclusive, caring and selfless resident community — has never been stronger.

No cause is too small, nor need too large. And the examples are plenty.

Like the Greenways Resident’s Committee’s sponsorship via The Smith Family to support an Australian child with education needs, which has been ongoing for many years. Or the coordinated donation by residents of hampers to the local Woman’s Shelter to help those struggling for food and accommodation. Or the annual Biggest Morning Tea raising by residents to support Cancer Council Victoria, this year donating over $1,500.

On many an occasion, residents have put their skills to work to help others. Like the village knitting group who made ‘trauma teddies’ for the Australian Red Cross’ Knitting For Kindness program, with over 1 million children having cuddled a similar colourful, comforting teddy since the program first started in 1990. 

From garage sales to support earthquake victims in Fiji and Nepal, to supporting the recent Flood Relief Appeal in New South Wales and Queensland, it is fantastic to see the community come together for others.

Since 2018, Greenways has run its own resident second-hand store, the “Green Door”. It not only promotes recycling and rehoming items, but also uses a portion of funds raised to donate to charitable causes. It recently moved from the community centre to its own dedicated space in the village, and does a roaring trade!

Greenways: A Heart of Gold

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